Evaluation of COVID-19 in Indonesia

Based on the SP2020 of the Indonesian Badan Pusat Statistik, in 2020 Indonesia has a population of 270,203,917 people.[1] However, since the first COVID-19 patient in Indonesia (early March 2020) until now (June 2022), the number of COVID-19 patients in Indonesia is only 6,065,644 people (last calculation based on 2022 June 18).[2] It has been more than 2 years but the number of COVID-19 patients is only 2.2% of the total population in Indonesia. Of course this is a big question mark. Why is this small number declared as a pandemic?

Bad bat spreading a flu in Wuhan

On 31 December 2019, the WHO China Country Office was informed of cases of pneumonia of unknown etiology (unknown cause) detected in Wuhan City, Hubei Province of China. As of 3 January 2020, a total of 44 patients with pneumonia of unknown etiology have been reported to WHO by the national authorities in China. Of the 44 cases reported, 11 are severely ill, while the remaining 33 patients are in stable condition.[3]

Coronavirus is a large family of viruses that commonly occur in people, other mammals, and birds. Rarely, animal coronaviruses can infect people and then spread between people. SARS-CoV-2 is the name of the virus that causes the illness called COVID-19. Another example is HIV is the virus that causes AIDS. At this time, SARS-CoV-2 has not be found in bats or other wild animals. Researchers and public health experts continue to look for the original source of the virus causing COVID-19. Coronaviruses similar to SARS-CoV-2 have been found in horseshoe bats in Asia. Horseshoe bats are “Old World” bats and are very different from the species of bats that live in North America. More than 1,300 species of bats live around the world making up 20 percent of mammal species. In the National Park System, there are around 47 species of bats, and SARS-CoV-2 has not been detected in any of them.[4] The virus that causes COVID-19 is similar to a virus that has been found in horseshoe bats in China. The virus transfers from animals to humans that can make both animals and humans sick, but sometimes they can occur naturally in animals with little to no effect on them.

Asymptom is a part of symptoms

Symptoms of COVID-19 include fever, cough, sore throat, unable to smell or taste food, red eyes, headache, and difficulty breathing.

Source: WHO Indonesia

In several cases in Indonesia, many people have tested positive for COVID-19 even though they are asymptomatic and in a good health. If the test kit tells you that you are positive, it doesn’t matter whether you are healthy or sick, you will still positive for COVID-19.

Hospital turns some patients who died negative to positive for COVID-19

The source of the official video may be hidden or deleted by the press media (Indonesia Lawyers Club, TVONE) thus make it hard to find it. But other people still upload the source of video on YouTube. Here is a video from the Indonesia Lawyers Club event that bring the topic about “Benarkah rumah sakit mengcovidkan semua pasien meninggal?” on 2020 October 06.

And here is another source from the TVONE Official YouTube Channel on 2020 Oct 23.

Corpse of COVID-19 Patients wrapped in plastic

Photographer by: Joshua Irwandi

Imagine our relatives in a state of death exposed to covid-19. the corpse was wrapped in a plastic, not a tuxedo, not a cloth, not a shroud. We as a family are not allowed to bathe the corpse (take care of the corpse according to Islamic law) on the pretext of anticipating the spread of COVID-19. The bodies were sprayed with disinfectant, not bathed, not balsam or makeup. We as a family are not allowed to see and open a corpse. In some cases, the coffin was empty when the grave was dismantled by the family. There are also some cases where the corpses are still using the house dress.[Source]

Dr Lois Owien

It is known, dr. Lois is a graduate of the general medical department of the Faculty of Medicine, Indonesian Christian University (UKI) class of 2004. Dr. Lois’ progress in the medical world is not only up to his degree as a doctor, he also continues his education majoring in anti-aging medicine in neighboring countries. Malaysia. However, his education cannot be recognized in Indonesia as a specialist in medicine, so it is only considered as part of master’s education.

The source of the official video may be hidden or deleted by the press media (Hotman Paris Show, iNews, 2021 July 08) thus make it hard to find it. But other people still upload the source of video on YouTube.[Source] On the Hotman Paris Show television program. Dr Lois Owien said that more than 50 thousand victims who died from Covid-19 did not die from the corona virus, but because of drug interactions. This raises controversy.

Feeling that information is not being delivered properly and debates are found to be unequal. Dr Lois Owien created a video podcast with Babe Aldo to convey the continuation of the topic. The source of the official video may be blocked by YouTube. This makes it difficult to find the complete video source. Here is the video (not full duration):

After the controversy arose, many parties attacked Dr. Lois. No exception Dr. Tirta who at that time was also being invited to television to talk about the Covid-19.

Dr. Lois’s statement went viral, causing him to be called by the police. After being examined, Dr. Lois was not detained by the police.

After being examined by investigators, we came to the conclusion that the person concerned will not repeat his actions and will not destroy evidence considering that all evidence is in our possession

Explained the Director of Cyber Crimes at the National Police, Brigadier General of Police Slamet Uliandi, to reporters, Tuesday 13 July 2021.

Dr Lois Owien passed away on Monday 6 June 2022.

Because of cervical cancer,
Sick from month 12 (since December 2021), yes at first suddenly there was bleeding,

a member of the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI) Tarakan, Dr. Ari Yusnita, as quoted by detikSulsel, Tuesday (7/6/2022).

My comment that get censored by the media

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HOAX konspirasi dibuat supaya orang yang ga percaya covid-19 ga punya ruang untuk berpendapat karena di anggap bodoh. Padahal yang bodoh dan terbelakang adalah mereka yang ga bisa mengolah angka dan data dengan benar. Mana ada disease, wabah, atau apapun itu, selama 2 tahun cuma 2% doang dari penduduk indonesia yang positif Covid-19?? Kalian lupa seberapa parahnya dulu RS di wuhan banyak geletakan korban? sama mayat-mayat warga italia yang dibawa pake truck banyak-banyak?

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Heboh Isu Asap Pesawat Disebut sebagai Chemtrail Sebarkan Omicron, BMKG Bantah: Itu Contrail.

Maaf banget dokter, untuk analisa statistik itu memang butuh angka. Mohon jangan kebawa perasaaan bagi korban-korban covid-19. Tapi faktanya yang penduduk indonesia yang meninggal positif covid-19 itu bahkan dibawah 0,05%. Itu fakta statistiknya, bukan kata asumsi atau opini pribadi saya. Ya mau gimana lagi, fakta dan angka tidak bisa jualan perasaan.

Sama terkait HOAX, saya sendiri juga ga suka HOAX, baik sisi percaya COVID-19 ataupun tidak percaya COVID-19 dua-duanya juga punya HOAX-nya masing-masing. Apalagi HOAX konspirasi yang kebanyakan membuat kita yang tidak percaya dan biasa-biasa aja sama pandemi covid ini jadi dianggap bodoh dan terbelakang. Padahal logika kita masih jalan.

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