Me.. and Not Me

When you search my name on a search engine. Make sure that it is the real me. “Aji” is a common name, but when you have a boy and name it with a girl name in the first name and add a middle name with a boy name will make it unique. You will see many people that had a name like “Aji Pratama” but not for “Dita Aji Pratama”.

Another site account that is me:

Facebook account that is NOT ME:

  1. gendut.siji.5
    Note: This one is super annoying impostor. You will see this account as “Dita Aji Pratama” in the first place of search engine when you search my name. I need some help, please report it when you have a Facebook account, and don’t click it from Google result.
  2. liana.w.febriani
    Note: This one is just a coincidence. You will see this account as “Aji Dap”. Sometimes I use abbreviations (i.e., DAP) on some social media accounts, but this account is not me.